rr2000 Antique Persian Serab Runner from mid 1800’s


This is a great looking antique Serap runner from Iran in the 1850’s with great natural soft colors and natural dyes. The rug is complete without any missing rows at the moment. This rug comes with re-weaving restoration. They did a pretty good job, and it must have been many years ago. Just looking at this runner, with the amount of work, the cost to re-weave this rug today would be $10,000. We do not believe it was re-woven in this country. This rug will need a special rubber pad if you put it on a hard surface, which we will supply at no charge to the buyer. This is a tribal rug, and came from a state in the United States. For your own information, most of the good Antique rugs are in the United States now. You cannot find these rugs any where else.

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