3 Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Arts & Crafts Antiques Metalwares

Shopping for arts & crafts antiques metalwares is a rewarding experience for anyone with an interest in antique metalware, which include items such as antique trays, antique pots and pans, antique bronze sculptures, or even an antique hammered copper dish by Gustav Stickley. The following are 3 important things you should keep in mind the next time you are shopping for antique metalware pieces.



Know your metals

There is no single metal used in antique metalware. Instead, there are four: brass, bronze, pewter, and copper. Although silver and gold are technically a metal, they are not generally included under the umbrella of metalware in the antique World.

Depending on the age, location and intended use of the item, you’ll find that certain items are more easily found than others. For instance, copper bowls were very popular in the mid-to-late 19th century and there are a relative abundance of them for sale on the market today.

Look for identifying marks and stamps

Identifying marks and stamps can help you determine whether certain metalware pieces are authentic, and they can also point you towards the maker and even the date of your piece. However, not all items will have such markers, so an item without a marker doesn’t mean that it’s not authentic.

Certain types of damage devalue the item more than others

Although every antique item will have some type of wear and tear due to its age, there are certain kinds of damage associated with metalware that can greatly devalue the piece to collectors and buyers. Damage that actively changes the appearance of the item, such as dents and dings which are particularly noticeable with metalware will bring down the value and the ultimate selling price. You may be able to use this to your advantage when haggling for a damaged item.

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