W7256 Gustav Stickley Desk Circa 1902/03

$ 5,200

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This is a great Gustav Stickley early desk circa 1902/03.

The desk is bulky and well done, made out of good cornerstone oak. The top is flat without any separation.

It’s made with keys through construction, as pictured. We feel like this is one of the nicer Gustav Stickley desks, and we have sold many of these models.

The hardware is all original, and with original patina. The whole desk is pinned all around.

The hammered iron is smaller than others he made at a later time. This is how we can tell it is from 1902/03.

The whole desk is with original heavy duty chamfer board all around, and with excellent original finish and color.

This construction is made by Gus beginning in 1901, and he used another style later on.

The drawers are easily opened and closed with no problems.

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