Stickley Brothers Set of 8 Chairs W4909


Antique great form of Stickley bros dining table in good condition, great form with original finish and color with great high back chairs.

The seat and the back recovered with top quality leather, hand rubbed black leather with cotton and hair fill (no sponge) all with cotton over natural webbing. The chairs are beautiful with show feet form. This is a set of 8 chairs but we do have few more chairs of the same model if you need.

The chairs are sturdy and strong and ready to use in your room.

Few chairs are marked with a metal tag.

The show form, the great reach original color makes this set of chairs very attractive and desirable.

We will offer these set of 8 chairs to a set of very rare and beautiful?Stickley Brothers dining set.

A fantastic dining table with beautiful hardware hammered copper with the same decoration

Small sideboard.



The side chairs
H- ?41 inch
W-? 18.5 inch
D- ?17.5 inch


The arm chair
H- ?45 inch
W- ?21 inch
D- ?19.5 inch
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