Superb C.Stickley Cube Arm Rocker w3295?


C. Stickley
Arm Rocker



This is a SUPER antique arm rocker Mission A&C Era from the early 1900s in very?good condition, great selection of oak and great antique color.

Two paddle arm arms and thru tenon construction on the bottom and double pinned?all around with no repairs and replace parts.

The chair is in cube form and its HEAVY DUTY with recovered the original spring?seat with top quality green leather and cotton and hair fill (no cheap foam).

The selection of oak is great with wide boards with great original finish.

The chair is STURDY and STRONG.

H- 31.5 inch
W- 30 inch
D- 23 inch

Please Note:

We offer investment quality furniture ready to enjoy in your home.‎
We do not sell furniture with all the problems typical with "As Is" auctions and estate purchases such ‎as:‎

  • Veneer issues (veneer lifting, missing, or veneer repairs)‎
  • Structural problems
  • Missing or replaced parts
  • Amateur glue and finish work.

We utilize a restoration technician who employs traditional methods and materials.‎
Furniture NOT properly restored does not protect your investment when you decide to sell it in the ‎future.‎
We guarantee every piece we sell 100%, all work is done properly to insure you will enjoy your ‎purchase for many years to come.‎

We do not sell furniture in estate condition.

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