Superb vintage American Karastan looks like made yesterday rr3318


This is a vintage Karastan   from the 1990’s. This is a nice in excellent condition and looks if was made yesterday. The rug  has 100% wool pile. The rug does have great colors and looks was made just before the original Karastan company went out the business because they could not be in business and make quality rugs.
Later on mohake company purchased the brand name only.
They are making rugs these days, much lower quality so they can stay in business.
You can buy this rug made in the past, quality made and in excellent condition for less you buy a new “Karastan” .it is sad many buyer like new rugs, nothing made in the past
Quality goes down every year.

If you have a hard floor like wood or cement, you need a good rubber pad for under the rug and we will pride you for free, please let us know.

We know rugs and we tell you the correct info you need.
Please note: Karastan rug is an American machine made rug and not knotted and you do not want to buy with any size cut since this rugs are not knotted like handmade rugs.
In hand made rugs, the knots holding the rug together.
In Karastan rug with a small cut, as one walk on the rug the cut will be longer and longer till you have two pc of rug.
The rug comes with the original Karastan tag as pictured.
We see lots of stories on Karastan rugs on eBay which are not correct.

This rug is ready to use in your room.

We are the first rug seller online when the internet came around and we do not sell to wholesalers in the cities who will mark the rugs up. We buy rugs at estates all over the east coast and then sell them directly to you so that you can have a quality rug at a fantastic price!

Size: (approximately)
58 inches***  by   26 inches and this includes the fringe.
We will add many more images just later.


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