Antique French Curio Cabinet W1338

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This is a nice antique French curio cabinet from the late 1800’s to early 1900’s in very good condition.

The piece has a great original finish with hand painted accents all over.

There is a central painting with a man and woman and landscapes on either side with only a few minor flakes visible.

The top has additional scenes and there are other floral decorations.

There is decorative brass accents all over with 3 missing pieces as seen in the pictures.

They are very minor and not immediately noticeable.

There are two glass shelves, a mirrored back, and curved glass at the front and sides.

There is no damage to the glass and the original key is present and working.

This is an extremely attractive and decorative piece that is sturdy, strong, and usable.

H – 56″
W – 30″
D – 15″

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