Antique Persian Lilihan Oriental Rug. RR3358

$ 1,250

This is an Antique Persian Lilihan Oriental Rug from the 1910’s.

This rug is in excellent condition and has an excellent color and design.

The design on this rug is not too busy which makes it a very desirable rug.

The gold color in the rug is another thing about it that makes it attractive.

There is a full pile on this rug and that is very rare on a Lilian rug. This rug is also a rare size.

It is more or less complete with not much missing and the two sides are in perfect shape and the weave is EXCELLENT.

Most rugs like this are with wear, this rug is over 100yrs old and with NO WEAR and super colors and with the great Lilihan weave.


We shampoo all of our rugs and we do it the same way for the cheap ones as we do the expensive ones.

We do not include these cost in the price, but sometimes the buyer thinks the rugs are not clean. Most dealers that sell rugs will tell you to have it cleaned when you receive it, but we clean our rugs before they are shipped. If you think that the rug smells or needs to be cleaned when you receive it you will need to send it to a rug cleaner in your area.

THIS RUG IS FOR THE GERMAN MARKET, IT IS MINT CONDITION, we can pack it into 12 inches by 18 inches pack if you want to take with you on the airplane.
To buy this rug in Europ in a shop will cost you much more…

Background Color:
Dark Rose/Rust Border: Light Blue Other Colors: Gold, Salmon, Ivory, Brown, Pink, and Green

Size: (Approximately):
76.5 inches  by  65.5 inches

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