LIFETIME Drop Leaf Table W5708


This is a rare and beautiful form LIFETIME drop leaf table from the early 1900s in good condition Puritan series, original finish with good section of oak with very long corbels.

STURDY and STRONG. the table come with the original Lifetime paper label under the top.

It is sad but no many dealers listing PERIOD Stickley furniture on Ebay and 95% listed as stickley are Reproduction STICKLEY AUDI.

we offering real Stickley furniture for less then repro, and if  one day want to resale it you can.

Look at listing on ebay, a Stickley AUDI seller asking $900 for a cabinet and no buyers. Some of the dealers selling these fake stickley, know very well what they sale. We have a shop with over 4000 pcs of furniture, you can visit and will give you discount for buying few items, we have many items two or three the same model.

ALL will list on ebay for you, we guaranty 100% what we sale and not AS IS as you buy in live auctions.

Every few month we see a large auction, mark sold after the auction but in few month we see the same furniture for sale…. No many dealers selling PERIOD real stickley furniture, yes you see the fake Stickley all around.

Size: (Approximately)
Top 36 inches diameter, 29 inches tall
when close:
36 inches by 9 inches
H 30 inches




We have over 5,000 pieces of Stickley furniture and can list anything you may be interested in if you contact us and let us know. The Stickley furniture that we sell is top quality American made furniture that is an investment and is highly collectible antique furniture. We do not deal with flea market quality items.

IF YOU NEED MORE INFO PLEASE CALL Joe at 570 743 1335. We offer investment quality furniture ready to enjoy in your home.‎ We do not sell furniture with all the problems typical with “As Is” auctions and estate purchases such ‎as:‎ Veneer issues (veneer lifting, missing, or veneer repairs)‎, Structural problems, Missing or replaced parts, Amateur glue, and finish work. We utilize a restoration technician who employs traditional methods and materials.‎

Furniture NOT properly restored does not protect your investment when you decide to sell it in the ‎future.‎ We guarantee every piece we sell 100%, all the work is done properly to ensure you will enjoy your ‎purchase for many years to come.‎ We do not sell furniture in estate condition. We have a professional artist that works on the furniture and makes it in perfect condition again. The hide glue used 100 years ago does not hold, so our artist reglues everything to look and feel like brand new. These items are in great condition and ready for use in your home! (Unless a defect is noted in the description)

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