Antique Anglo Persian Wilton Rug r0003


This is an Antique Anglo-Persian Wilton Rug from the 1920's-1930's.

This is a great looking rug in very good condition with no wear. This rug has a 100% wool pile and is done in a French design.

This rug was made with no fringe since this style of the rug looks better that way.

If you would like a fringe on this rug we can put a new Anglo-Persian fringe for $120 done by hand.

We think that it looks nice with no fringe, but it is up to you whether you would like a fringe or not.

This is a good rug and the rug is complete with nothing missing.

This rug is cleaned and ready to use in your home. We shampoo all of our rugs and we do it the same way for the cheap ones as we do the expensive ones. We do not include these cost in the price, but sometimes the buyer thinks the rugs are not clean. Most dealers that sell rugs will tell you to have it cleaned when you receive it, but we clean our rugs before they are shipped. If you think that the rug smells or needs to be cleaned when you receive it you will need to send it to a rug cleaner in your area. WE RUNNING A SALE THIS month to half the price. Please only bid if you are interested in this rug. These Wilton rugs are sold as is and there will be no returns because shipping is so expensive.

We do have several Wilton rugs listed and can combine shipping to save you money.


Background Colors: Black and Ivory
Other Colors:  Light Green, Rose, Pink
160 inches   by   134.5 inches

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